Julia Markiewicz, COO and cofounder of Silent Eight, joins the Endeavor Community

Building International Connections and Fostering Professional Growth

In a remarkable stride towards fostering international connections and propelling professional development, Julia Markiewicz, the COO and Co-founder of Silent Eight, has officially joined the Endeavor community. This move comes just a year after her co-founder and CEO of Silent Eight, in 2022, became the 2nd official Polish Entrepreneur in the Endeavor network.

Silent Eight’s Entrepreneurial Journey with Endeavor

Silent Eight, a tech company specializing in combating financial crime using advanced artificial intelligence, marked its initial connection with the Endeavor network in 2022 when Martin Markiewicz, the CEO and co-founder, went through the rigorous selection process, emerging as the 2nd official Polish Entrepreneur within the Endeavor community.

Now, in 2023, Julia Markiewicz, the dynamic COO and co-founder of Silent Eight, is following suit, solidifying the company’s commitment to international collaboration and leveraging the myriad opportunities that the Endeavor network provides.

The Endeavor Advantage for Julia Markiewicz

For Julia Markiewicz, the decision to engage with Endeavor is driven by a commitment to professional growth and a desire to exchange insights with like-minded individuals.

“Engaging with Endeavor contributes to my professional development and provides an opportunity to exchange insights with individuals who share a similar open-minded approach.”

Julia Markiewicz, COO & cofounder of Silent Eight

The Endeavor community is renowned for its global network of high-impact entrepreneurs who actively contribute to the growth and development of one another. By becoming a part of this network, Julia Markiewicz gains access to a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and mentorship that will undoubtedly propel her professional journey to new heights.

The Power of Connection: Why Julia Markiewicz Chose Endeavor

In Julia’s own words, “Your friends shape your path.” This philosophy underscores her belief that to dream big and think beyond conventional boundaries, one must spend time with individuals who, beyond their achievements, remain curious about the world and actively strive to bring their ideas to life.

By joining Endeavor, Julia is not only expanding her professional network but is immersing herself in a community of individuals who are not content with the status quo, who challenge norms, and who are passionate about making a positive impact on a global scale.

A Collaborative Future Ahead

As Julia Markiewicz takes her place within the Endeavor community, we anticipate a future marked by collaboration, innovation, and shared success. Her journey, alongside the Silent Eight team, exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship that Endeavor seeks to foster.

Endeavor Poland is proud to welcome Julia Markiewicz, recognizing her as a visionary leader and acknowledging Silent Eight’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and making a lasting impact on the global stage. Together, with the support of the Endeavor community, Julia, Martin, and Silent Eight are poised for continued success and meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of technology and entrepreneurship.