Endeavor Insight Unveils Groundbreaking Research on Polish Tech Ecosystem

Endeavor Insight is set to release a comprehensive research study on the Polish Tech Ecosystem, aimed at providing valuable insights into its current state, strengths, and weaknesses. The study, which involves extensive conversations with over 90 founders and ongoing discussions with more than 100 participants, seeks to empower decision-makers and foster a deeper understanding of the local tech entrepreneurship landscape. The project is led by Leah D. Barto, Senior Director of Research and Martin Pickering Researcher at Endeavor . 

The research initiative represents a critical endeavor to map the connections among founders, investors, and business supporters within the Polish Tech Ecosystem. Through in-depth interviews and data gathering, the study aims to present a nuanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs in Poland.

The ongoing research involves not only founder interviews but also consultations with representatives of venture capital firms, individual investors, and ecosystem stakeholders. The objective is to paint a comprehensive picture of the dynamic and evolving landscape of tech entrepreneurship in Poland.

The study challenges common perceptions about collaboration within the Polish startup community. It seeks to highlight the experiences, support systems, and challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the country, offering a more holistic understanding of the ecosystem.

Barto and Pickering expressed their anticipation for sharing the results of the study, emphasizing that it will contribute valuable insights to decision-makers, investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs. The research process involves ongoing discussions, expert commentary collection, and the analysis and visualization of the gathered data.

As the study unfolds, the team encourages stakeholders, enthusiasts, and the public to stay tuned for the upcoming revelations that will shape the discourse around the Polish Tech Ecosystem.

About Endeavor Insight: Endeavor Insight is a division of Endeavor, a global organization dedicated to supporting high-impact entrepreneurship. Endeavor Insight conducts research projects to provide in-depth analysis and insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, helping to inform decision-makers and shape the future of business ecosystems.