Endeavor Poland Reflects on 1st Anniversary Celebrations and Envisions Future Tech Landscape

Endeavor Poland, celebrated its 1st anniversary with two impactful side events: the Ukrainian Tech Meetup and the Investors Meetup. These gatherings provided a platform for engaging discussions, networking, and valuable insights into the future of the tech ecosystem in Poland and Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Tech Meetup Highlights:

The Ukrainian Tech Meetup, held on September 27 at 9:00 am, was a unique side event of the Endeavor Poland 1st Anniversary. Aimed at founders, investors, and supporters related to Ukraine, the meetup provided an opportunity to share stories and network within the entrepreneurial tech community.

Moderated by Joanna Harries, Senior Vice President for Global Expansion at Endeavor, and Bartosz Lipnicki, Managing Director of Endeavor Poland, attendees discussed the current state of the Ukrainian tech ecosystem and its future development. The event also delved into the efforts underway to launch Endeavor Ukraine.

Investors Meetup Insights:

Following the Ukrainian Tech Meetup, the Investors Meetup started at 12:30 pm, serving as a gathering for investors and fund managers. This side event of Endeavor Poland 1st Anniversary provided a space to share stories, network with peers, and discuss questions that might be too bold for public forums. Moderated by experienced partners from VC Leaders, attendees gained valuable insights into the latest trends and challenges in the world of investing.

Gratitude to Partners:

Endeavor Poland expresses sincere gratitude to the partners of the 1st Anniversary side events:

Their invaluable support played a significant role in making the evening celebration truly remarkable.

Endeavor Poland 1st Anniversary Celebration:

The side events were a prelude to the evening celebration, featuring substantive pitches, a panel discussion, and inspirational networking moments. Notable speakers included Pawel Godek, Joanna Harries, Pete Benedetto, Daria Shepetko, Maciej Małysz, Paweł Michalski, and Bartosz Lipnicki. A panel discussion, led by Marianna Bonechi with Hanna Shuvalova, Anton Avrynskyi, and Andriy Logvin, added depth to the conversations.

Ultimate Endeavor Experience:

From morning networking to an evening cocktail, Endeavor Poland aimed to provide the ultimate experience for participants, fostering connections and discussions that contribute to the growth of the tech ecosystem.