Endeavor Poland Celebrates 1st Anniversary: Reflecting on a Year of Intensity and Success

Endeavor Poland, a leading organization dedicated to supporting high-impact entrepreneurs, is thrilled to mark its 1st anniversary, reflecting on a year of tremendous growth and success. Under the leadership of Bartosz Lipnicki, Managing Director of Endeavor Poland, the organization has not only weathered the challenges but emerged stronger than ever.

Commenting on the milestone, Bartosz Lipnicki shared, “This past year has been super intense, but also very successful. We are eager to continue developing the Polish tech ecosystem and supporting entrepreneurs who have the potential to make a significant impact. Looking ahead, we are excited about our upcoming meetings with representatives of the Polish Tech Diaspora in Silicon Valley. Together, we will explore avenues for mutual support to further strengthen the ties between our ecosystems.”

In the first 12 months of its activities, Endeavor Poland has achieved notable milestones:

  • Selection of Endeavor Entrepreneurs: Four outstanding entrepreneurs, Przemek Gotfryd (Capchase), Paweł Hytry (Spacelift), Martin Markiewicz (Silent Eight), and Filip Victor (MetaMap), have been selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs, showcasing the organization’s commitment to identifying and supporting high-impact talent.
  • Establishment of a Diverse Board of Directors: Endeavor Poland is proud to have gathered a stellar Board of Directors with 12 influential business supporters, including Wiktor Schmidt from Netguru as Board Chair, Andrew Sieja from Relativity, Bartosz Ciołkowski from Mastercard, Daniel Surmacz from RTB House, Ewa Szmidt-Belcarz from EMPIK, Grzegorz Czapski from Allegro, Jakub Dwernicki from CyberFolks, Maciej Noga from Pracuj.pl, Marcin Żukowski from Snowflake, Oktawian Zając from BCG, Paulina Skrzypińska from BNP Paribas and Sebastian Kulczyk from Kulczyk Investments.
  • Formation of a Dedicated Team: Endeavor Poland has assembled a dynamic team comprising Joanna Górska (Entrepreneur Experience Associate), Melania Stankiewicz (Marketing and Communications Manager), and Bartosz Lipnicki (Managing Director).
  • Impactful Events: The organization has organized eight events for the startup community, fostering connections among founders, investors, and business supporters.
  • Engagement in Global Initiatives: Endeavor Poland actively participated in various events, including Impact’23 and CIC birthday, showcasing its commitment to global collaboration.
  • Extensive Networking: The organization facilitated nearly 100 connections between the Polish Ecosystem and the global Endeavor Community through one-on-one meetings, selection panels, and networking sessions.

As Endeavor Poland enters its second year, the organization remains dedicated to driving innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and contributing to the growth of the Polish tech ecosystem.