Unveiling the Power of the #MultiplierEffect: A Pre-Event Networking Dinner Sets the Stage for Impact'23

In a dazzling display of entrepreneurial synergy, a recent networking dinner in Poznań, organized as a prelude to Impact’23, brought together a cohort of high-impact leaders, setting the stage for a transformative discourse on the future of entrepreneurship.

Micro-Scale Marvel:

Hosted in the heart of Poznań, the networking dinner gathered luminaries such as Adam Plona (Mindgram), Dominik Swadzba (uPacjenta), Grzegorz Wójcik (Autenti), Szymon Kobylinski (7ANNA), and more. The evening created an exceptional opportunity for these visionary minds to exchange insights, experiences, and forge meaningful connections.

The #MultiplierEffect in Action:

Among the notable attendees were Pawel Chudzinski (Point Nine Capital) and Wiktor Namysl (Orbit Capital), embodying the essence of the #MultiplierEffect. The event showcased the profound impact of collaboration and the amplification of ideas when like-minded leaders converge.

Countdown to Impact’23:

This networking dinner served as a prelude to the much-anticipated Impact’23, where the future of entrepreneurship took center stage. Bartosz Lipnicki, managing director of Endeavor Poland, and representatives of the Endeavor community shared insights and visions for the entrepreneurial landscape, building anticipation for the transformative discussions to follow.

A Testimony to Leadership:

The organizers extend heartfelt gratitude to all attendees for making the evening truly special. Their presence and contributions underscore the true value of being a multiplier in the dynamic world of business.

What’s Next:

As the echoes of impactful conversations linger, stay tuned for more updates and insights. The journey continues, and we look forward to seeing this vibrant community reconvene at the next extraordinary gathering.

About Impact’23:

Impact’23 is a flagship event where thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs converge to shape the future of business and entrepreneurship. Hosted by Endeavor Poland, it serves as a platform for transformative discussions and insights that drive positive change in the global business landscape. For more information, visit Impact CEE Website.