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The Most Flexible IaC Management Platform. Spacelift is a sophisticated CI/CD platform for OpenTofu, Terraform, Terragrunt, CloudFormation, Pulumi, Kubernetes, and Ansible. Spacelift offers the perfect blend of regular CI’s versatility and methodological rigor of a specialized, security-conscious infrastructure tool. It provides expressive building blocks with full support for modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) frameworks, cloud environments, version control systems, and various authentication methods.

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Mati Staniszewski, Piotr Dabkowski
ElevenLabs B2B Software Europe

Mati and Piotr are co-founders and co-CEO of ElevenLabs. They are two high school friends who grew up together and created ElevenLabs a world-class AI research company leading the charge in AI audio.

Stefan Batory
Booksy B2B Software Europe

Stefan is a co-founder and CEO of Booksy, an online scheduling software that helps beauty and wellness businesses manage appointments, back-end business operations, and customer relationships.

Filip Victor
MetaMap Enterprise Software & Services

Filip is a founder of MetaMap - a customer identity platform that enables businesses to understand their audience more accurately, more completely, all in a single place.